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What is Vibrant Voice Technique?

Vibrant Voice Technique operates on the simple idea that we can use external vibration to reduce muscle tension and enhance vocal resonance.


"I was excited to discover the Vibrant Voice Technique and have made it the exercises part of my warm up routine when I am performing. I find it particularly useful on those days when my voice feels “stuck” or “stiff."

Patricia Zentilli

"Vibrant Voice has mercifully provided an incredibly simple, efficient, and effective way to simultaneously relax tension while warming up the voice. My students excitedly share how much easier it is to navigate resonators and to shape the overall placement of their voices. The vibrator gives a kind of kinesthetic feedback that used to require the hands of a classmate or teacher. What used to be quite esoteric has been made so tangible and clear…thanks!"

John Patrick
Head of Voice & Speech, UNC Chapel Hill and Lead Teacher, Miller Voice Method

"I am thrilled to report the Vibrant Voice Technique exercises have noticeably improved my singing. Maintaining vocal health and consistency has been a struggle for more than a decade, but the Vibrant Voice Technique has allowed me to experience vocal resonance in ways that have made singing much more enjoyable. This program has virtually eliminated my struggle for consistency. It now takes 1-5 minutes to find that “it” spot with my voice in terms of resonance and placement when it used to take me hours – not ideal as I’m the lead singer for the rock band Mukagee. Every week it seems I’m learning new things I can do with my voice. Exciting times indeed!"

Mzao Waters

"I have been a teacher on tall ships, in the classroom, and outdoors, as well as a choral singer. Twelve years ago, I began experiencing discomfort and strain while rehearsing for a performance. Medics and specialists could not find anything physically wrong, but I never regained full use of my voice – rest and time have been my only remedies. Two years ago the problem resurfaced and nearly made it impossible for me to do my job, training dogs. Vibrant Voice Technique gave me a warm up routine to prepare my voice as an athlete would train before a competition. As a result, my recovery time from a full day of using my voice has significantly diminished. Thank you Vibrant Voice Technique for making it possible for me to continue in the line of work that I love by speeding up my recovery time and for reducing my vocal stress."

Dorothy Jones
Professional Dog Trainer

Some Frequently Asked Questions...

Because let's be honest... you've got them!


Vibrant Voice Technique is for anyone who relies on their voice! That of course includes performers such as singers and actors, but also teachers, lawyers, call center employees, business people, etc. Essentially if you use your voice, and especially if you're having fatigue issues with your voice (for instance, if a clinician has mentioned you are dealing with ongoing muscle tension dysphonia), VVT can help you!


It's external vibration! You'll be learning exercises to apply the device to areas that commonly become tense or tight and affect the voice. We'll teach you how to release excess tension in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and tongue. Specific application of the vibration next to the larynx and around the skull and face can also help with free movement of the vocal folds, openness in the resonators, and activation of the articulators.


The main thing is to find a device with an ideal frequency and not too much amplitude (you definitely don't want to use one of those thumpers for your back!). We've got a list of recommended devices on our website and in the class, so you can choose the device that fits you and your price range best.


We do not want these exercises or the vibrator to become a crutch for you. Rather, the idea is that the technique provides a way to kinesthetically experience tension release and greater resonance. So, our belief and hope is that the more you practice these exercises, the less you will need them. External vibration is a tool to help you have a freer, richer voice.


You don't need to do these exercises for a long time, and you don't need to do them all every day. In general, we recommend spending no more than a few minutes per exercise, and paying attention to which are most beneficial for you.


David came up with the idea to use a vibrator for the voice when he was working with a client who was experiencing extreme vocal fatigue. She'd been to the otolaryngologist and her vocal cords looked fine, which likely meant that muscle tension was the culprit of her ongoing vocal issues. This client was having a negative reaction to doing laryngeal massage on her throat, so David thought: "What's small and vibrates that could break up that tension...?" And Vibrant Voice Technique was born!


If you have any pre-existing medical condition, you should talk to your doctor before trying Vibrant Voice Technique. Especially if you have cardiovascular issues, thrombosis, or diabetes. VVT is not a medical technique - please consult our medical disclaimer.

The Teachers

David Ley

David is the founder of Vibrant Voice Technique. For seventeen years, he has been a Professor in the Drama Department at the University of Alberta where he teaches Voice and Speech, Dialects, and Acting. David holds an MFA in performance from York University with a diploma in Voice Teaching and is a licensed massage therapist.

Elissa Weinzimmer

Elissa is the Founding Official Instructor of Vibrant Voice Technique. She is also the Founder of Voice Body Connection, and works with clients from around the world on vocal health and presence. Elissa is certified in hatha yoga and Fitzmaurice Voicework®, and holds an MFA in Theatre Voice Pedagogy from the University of Alberta.

VVT Official Instructors

If you desire personal attention as you learn and explore Vibrant Voice Technique, you can reach out to any of our Official Instructors of Vibrant Voice Technique. Our Official Instructors are well-rounded voice teachers who have undergone in-depth training, and are available for personal lessons and further instruction.


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