Vibrant Voice Technique, The Online Course

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Learn Vibrant Voice Technique Online!

Learn from Founder David Ley and Founding Official Instructor Elissa Weinzimmer. In the 27 short videos, you will learn:

  • Tips and techniques for how to best practice these exercises
  • Techniques to improve your breathing and posture 
  • The seven tension release exercises of the technique 
  • How to release tension in and around the vocal folds with vibration
  • How to increase your resonance with vibration
  • How to super-charge your articulators for clearer speech

What People Are Saying About The Vibrant Voice Technique:

“I was excited to discover the Vibrant Voice Technique and have made it the exercises part of my warm up routine when I am performing. I find it particularly useful on those days when my voice feels “stuck” or “stiff.””

Patricia Zentilli, Actress/Singer, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Vibrant Voice Technique, is a simple, accessible and sophisticated way to help people gain support and awareness to let speaking and singing become easier and more effective. I highly recommend this work!”

Eric Stewart, Yoga Studio Owner, Ohio, USA

“I am a constant traveller who suffers from back and neck issues. I approached Vibrant Voice hoping to loosen my chronically tense muscles. I had been practicing self-massage techniques on my jaw, neck and shoulder for a long time, but had yet to really understand how to effectively target the muscles I used for singing. David and Elissa talked me through the specific muscles of the neck, sternum, jaw, and head that cause vocal strain, fatigue, or hinder peak performance due to stress. There was also very interesting and surprisingly effective work devoted to resonance, and how to use the massager to stimulate different types of resonance while singing. This was an informative, stimulating, and well constructed workshop that gave me the tools to continue working on my own. David and Elissa took great care to answer every question we I, and were very patient. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, skilled and are very generous about sharing their wealth of knowledge and study resources with us. After only a month of following the basic guidelines and exercises, I have seen real relief in my neck, and shoulders.”

Diana DiMauro, Opera Singer, Italy

“More than a year ago, I got to know Vibrant Voice Technique through Facebook. As a voice teacher/speech therapist, I was curious if this method would be a value in my work. Since I’ve been able to take the online workshop a few days ago, even MY throat has never been this relaxed. I also tried it on some clients. The effect is amazing! In less than 15 minutes, people are able to significantly voice more freely. I don’t think it’s a bit rash to say Vibrant Voice Technique will be a basic method in speech therapy in the near future.”

Gert Leunen, Speech therapist/Voice teacher, Belgium

“Recently I had three hours of singing, one hour alone as a soloist and two hours with others singers. Nobody knew I had just learned the Vibrant Voice Technique, but they remarked to me that my voice was more brilliant, full, and they heard something like bells! I felt that it was easier to achieve pianissimo for many notes as well.”

Louise Gagnon, Family Doctor and Classical Singer, Montréal, QC

“For me, thorough relaxation of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the larynx is crucial for easy vocalization, but it isn’t always easy to achieve. As the class progressed through the Vibrant Voice Technique exercises, not only did the muscles of my upper back, neck, and face feel much more relaxed, but I experienced fewer and fewer dropouts with voicing. The work with the vibrator has now become a fundamental part of my relaxation techniques arsenal. One of the most helpful—and surprising—parts of the class was the exploration of resonance and placement. Vocal placement is a concept with which I’ve struggled; it’s been difficult for me to “feel” placement within my own head and voice. But after we completed the VVT exercises in the 3 spatial planes, I could actually detect—for the first time ever—the physical sensation of my voice resonating in my mid face.”

Liz Harris, Voice Actor, Ft. Myers, Florida

“I have been a teacher on tall ships, in the classroom, and outdoors, as well as a choral singer. Twelve years ago, I began experiencing discomfort and strain while rehearsing for a performance. Medics and specialists could not find anything physically wrong, but I never regained full use of my voice – rest and time have been my only remedies. Two years ago the problem resurfaced and nearly made it impossible for me to do my job, training dogs. One Skype session with Vibrant Voice Technique gave me a warm up routine to prepare my voice as an athlete would train before a competition. As a result, my recovery time from a full day of using my voice has significantly diminished. Thank you Vibrant Voice Technique for making it possible for me to continue in the line of work that I love by speeding up my recovery time and for reducing my vocal stress.”

Dorothy Jones, Professional Dog Trainer, Victoria, BC

“I have to sing every day in my profession, and when I do it’s usually high B’4s, B’5s, and C’5s. The Vibrant Technique not only helps me access that edgy pop “mixed voice”, but it also eases the tension I feel after talking over crowds all day and singing all night. After only three weeks I can already feel and hear a difference in my vocal resonance and strength – I can’t wait to hear the difference in my voice a year from now!”

Matthew Gordon, Professional Cruise Ship Singer

“Vibrant Voice has mercifully provided an incredibly simple, efficient, and effective way to simultaneously relax tension while warming up the voice. My students excitedly share how much easier it is to navigate resonators and to shape the overall placement of their voices. The vibrator gives a kind of kinesthetic feedback that used to require the hands of a classmate or teacher. What used to be quite esoteric has been made so tangible and clear…thanks!”

John Patrick, Head of Voice & Speech, UNC Chapel Hill and Lead Teacher, Miller Voice Method

“I participated in a two day online Vibrant Voice Technique workshop and am thrilled to report the exercises have noticeably improved my singing. Maintaining vocal health and consistency has been a struggle for more than a decade, but the Vibrant Voice Technique has allowed me to experience vocal resonance in ways that have made singing much more enjoyable. This program has virtually eliminated my struggle for consistency. It now takes 1-5 minutes to find that “it” spot with my voice in terms of resonance and placement when it used to take me hours – not ideal as I’m the lead singer for the rock band Mukagee. Every week it seems I’m learning new things I can do with my voice. Exciting times indeed!”

Mzao Waters, Singer, Los Angeles, CA

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Vibrant Voice Technique, The Online Course $189.00 USD
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Due Now $189.00 USD